Trixie Dog Socks – Non-Slip

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  • available in grey color and different sizes
  • Made from high-quality fabric
  • 4 socks per pack.
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Non-Slip Trixie Dog Socks for Secure Paws

Give your beloved pet the ultimate in comfort and safety with our Non-Slip Trixie Dog Socks. Designed to provide superior grip and stability, these socks are an essential accessory for any dog owner who wants to ensure their furry friend can move confidently around the house, especially on slippery surfaces like tile and hardwood floors.

Key Features – Non-Slip Trixie Dog Socks 

  • Enhanced Grip: Each sock features a thoughtful non-slip pattern on the bottom which significantly reduces the risk of slipping, making them perfect for older dogs, pets with mobility issues, or those energetic pups that love to run around the house.
  • Protection and Comfort: The Trixie Dog Socks protect your dog’s paws from cold floors, salt, and abrasive surfaces. The soft, breathable fabric ensures their paws are cozy, not sweaty, and well-protected against potential allergens and chemicals on floors.
  • Injury Prevention: Ideal for use after a paw injury, these socks can help to prevent licking and irritation by keeping the affected area covered. They are also beneficial for dogs recovering from surgery, preventing further injury to sensitive paws.
  • Convenient Wear: With a secure yet comfortable fit, these socks are easy to put on and take off. They stay in place thanks to gentle elastic cuffs, meaning no more lost dog booties whether at home or on the go.
  • Variety of Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to fit a wide range of dog breeds and paw sizes. Ensure you measure your dog’s paw properly to find the best fit that prevents slipping off and maximizes comfort.
  • Durable Material: Made from high-quality fabric, the Trixie Dog Socks are built to last. They withstand regular wear and tear and are washable, ensuring hygiene and prolonged use.

Stylish Designs: Not only are they practical, but our Trixie Dog Socks also come in various cute and stylish designs, allowing your pet to look fashionable while staying safe.

Product Details

  • Material: Premium quality fabric with a grippy rubberized pattern.
  • Color: Available in assorted colors and patterns.
  • Package Contents: 4 socks per pack.
  • Care Instructions: Machine washable for easy cleaning. Air dry to maintain elasticity and grip.

Usage Tips

  • Check the fit regularly to ensure there’s no discomfort.
  • Monitor your pet’s behavior with the socks initially as they get used to them.
  • Replace the socks if you notice signs of wear and tear to maintain effectiveness.

Whether you’re looking to increase safety for a senior dog, provide warmth during colder months, or prevent scratches on your flooring, Non-Slip Trixie Dog Socks are the perfect solution. With their combination of function and fashion, these socks are a must-have for every dog owner. Add a set to your cart today and step into safety and comfort for your dog’s paws!

Cotton and Lycra blend fabric. Slip-proof due to rubber dots. Especially suited for older dogs. Protects smaller wounds. Protection for floors and furniture. Comfortable fit.

Non-Slip Dog Socks

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