Petkin Plaque Fresh Mint Toothwipes , 40 Wipes

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  • Mint Flavoured Toothwipes
  • suitable for cats and dogs
  • cleans plaque, tartars, gums and teeth
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Petkin Plaque Fresh Mint Toothwipes – Pet Wipes 

Ensure your pet’s dental health is in top condition with Petkin Plaque Fresh Mint Toothwipes. These convenient and easy-to-use wipes are specially designed to help keep your pet’s teeth clean and their breath fresh between brushings.

Effective Dental Care:

Petkin Plaque Fresh Mint Toothwipes are an essential part of your pet’s dental care routine. Each wipe is formulated with ingredients that help remove plaque and tartar buildup from your pet’s teeth, promoting better oral hygiene and preventing dental issues such as gum disease and bad breath.

Plaque Toothwipes For Cats

Fresh Mint Flavor:

Infused with a refreshing mint flavor, these toothwipes leave your pet’s mouth feeling clean and their breath smelling fresh. The pleasant mint scent also helps to mask any unpleasant odors, making the dental care process more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Gentle and Safe:

These are gentle enough to use on pets of all ages and breeds. They are free from harsh chemicals and abrasive ingredients, ensuring they won’t irritate your pet’s gums or cause any discomfort during use.

Wipes for Pets - cleans and tastes great

Convenient and Easy to Use:

With Petkin Plaque Fresh Mint Toothwipes, maintaining your pet’s dental health has never been easier. Simply remove a wipe from the packaging and gently wipe it over your pet’s teeth and gums. There’s no need for rinsing, brushing, or messy toothpaste – just a quick and convenient way to keep your pet’s mouth clean and fresh.

Perfect for On-the-Go:

Whether you’re at home or on the go, Petkin Plaque Fresh Mint Toothwipes are the perfect solution for keeping your pet’s teeth clean and their breath fresh. Their compact size makes them easy to carry in your purse, backpack, or car, so you can give your pet’s teeth a quick wipe whenever they need it.

Petkin Plaque Toothwipes - Improving Pet's Breath

Promote Better Oral Health:

Regular use of this can help prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar on your pet’s teeth, reducing the risk of dental problems and ensuring they maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout their life.

Plaque Toothwipes For Dogs

Order Petkin Plaque Fresh Mint Toothwipes Today

Give your pet the gift of better dental health with Petkin Plaque Fresh Mint Toothwipes. Convenient, effective, and easy to use, these toothwipes are a must-have addition to any pet owner’s grooming routine. Order now and see the difference they can make for your pet’s oral hygiene!

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