Royal Canin Medium Starter Dog Dry Food

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  • Nutritious for weaning puppies
  • Complete feed for mother and babies
  • Suits medium breed dog
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Royal Canin Medium Starter Dog Dry Food – Mother & Puppy

Medium Starter Dog Dry Food is optimal nutritional support for your medium-sized dog during pregnancy and lactation to improve her health and the well-being of her puppies. That’s why we present ROYAL CANIN Medium Starter Mother & Babydog, meticulously formulated to meet the unique dietary requirements of both mother and offspring.

Harnessing the latest in scientific research, ROYAL CANIN’s Start Complex is a proprietary blend of essential nutrients mirroring those found in mother’s milk. This formula is enriched with specific elements that actively bolster the digestive health and natural defenses of newborn puppies, ensuring a smooth transition into the weaning phase.

The texture of ROYAL CANIN Medium Starter Mother & Babydog is expertly tailored for weaning, facilitating the shift from maternal milk to solid food. Simply mixed with water, the kibble transforms into a palatable porridge-like consistency, appealing to both the mother and her young ones.

Our nutritionists have carefully crafted this formula to accommodate the heightened energy needs of your dog from day 42 of gestation through the lactation period, ensuring she maintains optimal health and vitality throughout this critical time.

Key Features:

Start Complex for Natural Defenses and Digestive Health: Developed through ongoing scientific research, Start Complex is a unique blend of nutrients mirroring those found in mother’s milk, fortified with specific elements to support the digestive health and immune systems of newborn puppies.

Gestation and Lactation Support: Tailored nutritional profile to meet the high energy demands of the mother during the final stages of gestation and throughout lactation.

Easy Rehydration: Effortlessly rehydrate the kibble to a palatable consistency, ideal for the mother and her weaning puppies, easing the transition from milk to solid food.

Medium Starter Dog Dry Food- Ingredients:

This complete feed is designed for medium-breed bitches (11 to 25 kg) and their puppies, catering to the needs of pregnant and lactating bitches as well as weaning puppies up to 2 months old.

ROYAL CANIN Medium Starter Mother & Babydog is your trusted partner in ensuring the health and vitality of your dog and her precious puppies during this transformative period.

Feeding Guidelines:

0-2 weeks Babydog Milk Babydog Milk Babydog Milk Babydog Milk
2-3 weeks Babydog Milk Babydog Milk Babydog Milk 30 g (3/8 cup)
3-4 weeks 10 g (1/8 cup) 30 g (3/8 cup) 30 g (3/8 cup) 90 g (1 cup)
4-5 weeks 30 g (3/8 cup) 70 g (6/8 cup) 100 g (1+1/8 cup) 155 g (1+5/8 cup)
5-6 weeks 90 g (1 cup) 120 g (1+2/8 cup) 140 g (1+4/8 cup) 170 g (1+7/8 cup)
6-7 weeks 120 g (1+2/8 cup) 150 g (1+5/8 cup) 190 g (2 cup) 225 g (1+3/8 cup)
7-8 weeks 145 g (1+4/8 cup) 190 g (2 cup) 230 g (2+4/8 cup) 280 g (3 cup)

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1 kg, 12 kg, 15 kg, 4 kg

13 reviews for Royal Canin Medium Starter Dog Dry Food

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  1. This Royal Canin medium starter has been really good for my dog.

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  2. The frequent discounts and promotions make it more affordable to pamper my pets.

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  3. commitment to quality is consistent across all their products. I can trust that I’m getting the best for my pets.

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  4. Always impressed by the reliability.

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  5. These pet treats I purchased is impressive.Our pet loves these yummy treats.

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