Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy Dry Dog Food

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  • Complete feed for dogs
  • specially for Golden Retriever puppies
  • up to 15 months old
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Royal Canin Retriever Puppy Dry Dog Food – Up to 15 months

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy Dry Dog Food is meticulously crafted nutrition meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of your Golden Retriever purebred puppy. This exclusive breed-specific diet is precisely formulated to cater to the requirements of large breed puppies, providing them with essential nutrients vital for their optimal growth and development. The distinctive shape and texture of the kibble are meticulously designed to accommodate the straight muzzle and scissor bite of your large canine companion, promoting proper chewing habits and overall oral health.

Retriever Puppy Dry Dog Food – Benefits 

Immune Support System

During the crucial growth stage of your dog’s life, marked by significant changes and new experiences, their immune system undergoes gradual development. Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy formula aids in boosting your puppy’s natural defenses, thanks to complex of antioxidants, notably vitamin E, recognized for its immune-supporting properties.

Healthy Skin & Coat

Our formula is crafted to reinforce the skin’s crucial barrier function through an exclusive complex and to uphold overall skin and coat health, enriched with EPA and DHA. Additionally, the inclusion of borage oil contributes to enhancing coat luster and skin vitality.

Digestive Health

Optimal digestive health is essential for your puppy’s overall well-being. Our formula integrates a blend of high-quality protein and probiotics (FOS) to foster digestive balance and support the proliferation of beneficial intestinal flora, thereby promoting excellent stool quality.

Exclusive Kibble

Designed with the Golden Retriever puppy in mind, our kibble boasts a shape, size, texture, and formula meticulously tailored to cater to their unique needs and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable and beneficial feeding experience.

Feeding Guidelines


2 m 215 g (2+2/8 cups) 225 g (2+3/8 cups) 235 g (2+4/8 cups)
3 m 265 g (2+7/8 cups) 282 g (3 cups) 300 g (3+2/8 cups)
4 m 287 g (3+1/8 cups) 308 g (3+2/8 cups) 328 g (3+4/8 cups)
5 m 306 g (3+2/8 cups) 340 g (3+5/8 cups) 373 g (4 cups)
6 m 323 g (3+4/8 cups) 370 g (4 cups) 415 g (4+3/8 cups)
8 m 291 g (3+1/8 cups) 344 g (3+5/8 cups) 387 g (4+1/8 cups)
10 m 262 g (2+6/8 cups) 329 g (3+4/8 cups) 371 g (4 cups)
12 m 287 g (3+1/8 cups) 329 g (3+4/8 cups) 372 g (4 cups)
16 m Transition Golden Retriever Adult Transition Golden Retriever Adult Transition Golden Retriever Adult


Weight N/A


1 kg, 12 kg, 3 kg

14 reviews for Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy Dry Dog Food

Based on 14 reviews
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  1. Excellent dog munch! My Golden Retriever puppy’s coat is drastically shinier and healthier when we switched to Royal Canin.

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  2. Easy ordering process, very user-friendly.

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  3. Superb packaging, everything arrived in perfect condition.

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  4. commitment to sustainability aligns with my values. I appreciate their efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

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  5. Easy ordering process, very user-friendly.

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