Simple Solution Chew Stopper Spray 500 ml

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  • Chew Stopper Spray to stop nibbling
  • bitter-tasting spray to discourage chewing
  • excellent for new puppy training
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Simple Solution Chew Stopper Spray – Stop Pet Chewing

Simple Solution Chew Stopper Spray helps to preserve your household items with, the ideal deterrent for pets who tend to chew, nibble, and gnaw on things they shouldn’t. Specially formulated to stop undesirable chewing behavior, this bitter-tasting spray is a must-have for any pet owner looking to protect their belongings.

Effective Bitter Formula

Our Chew Stopper Spray contains a powerful bitter-tasting spray formulation designed specifically to discourage pets from chewing on surfaces. The intense bitter flavor is innocuous to pets but makes chewing on treated areas undesirable.

Safe and Gentle – Chew Stopper Spray

Made from ingredients that are safe for all types of pets, including puppies and kittens, the Simple Solution Chew Stopper Spray ensures the safety of your beloved companions. It’s free from harsh chemicals, and a gentle yet effective solution for stopping chewing habits.

Versatile Use

This versatile Chew Stopper Spray can be used on various surfaces such as furniture, shoes, clothing, cords, and more. It’s easy to apply and safe on most fabrics and materials, providing a flexible solution for households with curious pets.

Quick and Easy to Apply

Simply shake the bottle and spray a consistent layer on the desired area to prevent pet chewing. The clear formula dries quickly and leaves no stains, making it simple to maintain the look and feel of your items.

Long-Lasting Deterrence

With each application, the Simple Solution Chew Stopper Spray provides a long-lasting deterrent effect. Regular application as directed helps reinforce the no-chew training for your pets.

Ideal for Training

Not only does our spray stop unwanted chewing, it can also be an integral part of broader behavioral training. Pair the use of the spray with positive reinforcement to teach your pets what is not appropriate to chew.

Protect your home and help teach your pets better habits with Simple Solution Chew Stopper Spray. Effective, safe, and easy to use, this bitter-tasting spray is the perfect aid to maintain the integrity of your belongings while training your pets efficiently. Say goodbye to unwanted chewing and hello to peace of mind with our trusted solution.

Strong, bitter-tasting spray applied to any item that is likely to be chewed or damaged by repeated chewing or gnawing from your furry friend. Apply spray liberally to areas affected and reapply if necessary.


Simple Solution Chew Stopper Spray - 500 ml


Product Details:

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1 CODE 90549
2 CAPACITY 500 ml
3 CONTENT 1 Unit
4 MRP ₹ 795
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500 ml


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