Venky’s Sensium Powder 200g for Dogs & Cats

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  • Supportive in diarrhoea or other gastrointestinal issues
  • suitable for cats and dogs
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Venkys Sensium Powder – Feed Supplement for Dogs and Cats 

Venkys Sensium Powder is a premium feed supplement meticulously crafted to address the nutritional needs of your beloved dogs and cats. This specialized formula serves as an invaluable aid for pets enduring gastrointestinal distress, including diarrhoea and other digestive issues.

Formulated with high-quality protein, Venky’s Sensium Powder is an ideal substitute for food during periods of gastrointestinal upset. Whether your pet is battling gastroenteritis, anorexia, or other intestinal deficiencies, this supplement provides essential nutrients to support their recovery journey.

Hypoallergenic and hypo-osmolar, Venky’s Sensium Powder not only aids in hydration but also supports overall digestive health. When your pet requires a full, balanced diet while experiencing intestinal illness, loose stools, or acute diarrhoea, this supplement offers a convenient solution.

Additionally, Venky’s Sensium Powder is suitable for pets unable to digest ordinary food or experiencing vomiting episodes. As a complementary dietary option, it can be easily incorporated into your pet’s meal routine, offering comfort and nourishment during times of need.

For optimal results, follow the dosage instructions provided by your veterinarian. Simply mix Venky’s Sensium Powder with warm water and food to create a palatable paste for your pet. Administer one scoop (10g) twice daily for every 10 kg of body weight, ensuring your pet receives the tailored care they deserve.

Trust Venky’s Sensium Powder to provide the essential support your furry companion needs, promoting their well-being and vitality with every serving. Discover the difference in your pet’s health with this exceptional feed supplement for dogs and cats.




200 g


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