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Find premium nutrition for your dog and cat with Orijen pet food at Wagging Master. Feed them the best for a healthier, happier life.

Buy ORIJEN Dog Food, Treats & Cat Food Online in India

Orijen was founded on a steadfast commitment to providing biologically appropriate food that your dogs and cats need to thrive. The word ‘Orijen’ from the Latin ‘origin’ means ‘beginning’ and each recipe contains ingredients that your pets have naturally evolved to need.

Biologically Appropriate

Our goofy, adorable pets have biological systems that are carnivorous, just as their wild ancestors had. This means their diet needs to have a wide variety and a high content of quality meat protein. In order to nourish them as nature intended, Orjien diets include Raw or Fresh meat in WholePrey Ratios. This means that they include not just meat but also organs, cartilage and bones in appropriate ratios to nutritionally benefit your pet.

Never Outsourced

Orijen was started by Champion Pet Foods over 30 years ago in Canada. They are very particular about what goes into each bag of Orijen Dog Food  so no part of their production is ever outsourced. Each bag of Orijen Dog food in India is made abroad in their own award-winning kitchens.

Fresh Regional Ingredients

Ingredients that go into Orijen cat foods are responsibly fished, ranched or farmed. Local producers bring fresh ingredients to their kitchens and these go into Orijen cat food, dog food and Orijen puppy food. Their poultry (duck, chicken, turkey & eggs) are free run and antibiotic-free.

Their saltwater fish is wild-caught (and sustainably fished) off Vancouver Island and their freshwater fish are from Canadian lakes and rivers. Their meats also include ranch-raised beef, bison, venison, Boer goat and wild boar. The small percentage of veggies, fruit, and botanicals that they include are also grown on local farms.

Orijen believes that your pets should derive their nutrients as naturally as possible from the food they eat. This is why they take great care in putting together Whole Prep recipes that include organ meat, cartilage & bones that provide nutrients naturally through your pet’s food.